You can never be fully human unless you’ve discovered the humanity in other human beings.
— Byers Naudé

Legacy can only achieve its dreams through the love and devotion of its staff.  Energy is spent on the team members’ personal growth and team work is the basis of the Legacy culture.

Abongile Gxuluwe

Abongile Gxuluwe is staying with his mother and older sister.  His home town in the Eastern Cape is Cofimvaba.  He is the mentor of the grade 6 and 7 boys, responsible for sport for grade 4 to 10.  He also formed a soccer team with the boys that he mentors.  He wants to make Kayamandi a home for everyone, even tourists.  He is upset because people are still scared to come to Kayamandi to enjoy themselves.  The young people in Kayamandi that drink a lot and do drugs upset him, while the fact that Kayamandi has become a better place because of the many NPO’s that are helping the youth and provide job opportunities gives him hope.  Changing Kayamandi is his dream.


Gwen Krüger (Mama G) is a qualified teacher that has been involved at Legacy since 2007 and who sees her work at Legacy as a calling.  At Khulani she manages the literacy programme for the Siyakhula kids and the Khulani Clever kids programme for grade 4-7.  For her, education is one of the best gifts you can give to somebody. She is upset about the big gap between rich and poor in Stellenbosch, but also sees that there are many people committed to make a difference. The people of Kayamandi gives her hope because they make a living there with a smile on their face.  She dreams of better education for all the children of South Africa, better housing and jobs for everyone.  

Helen Hendriks

Helen Hendriks is the manager of uVuyo, the skills training centre for women at Legacy.  She works at Legacy because she believes that when people create and work with colour and texture they also start to dream, to hope and to have joy.  She sees Stellenbosch as a beautiful town with many talented people, but also with people who never get to know anyone who suffers materially.  The feeling of hopelessness when she drives through Kayamandi upsets her, but the women who have the courage to learn new skills, who do whatever they can to look after their families and who are still joyful in the most difficult circumstances gives her hope.  Her dream for the future is to give more women the opportunity to help themselves – so that they can have the energy to help others – this will bring uVuyo (‘joy’).


Irma van Rooyen is a mother of two beautiful, busy boys.  She has a background in Occupational Therapy and Counselling.  She is the Wellness manager at Legacy and believes in the amazing potential of every person and  she  will never stop considering what can be done to support peoples’ growth and development.  She loves to be part of a wonderful team because it is a privilege to dream together of a world where people are safe and whole and able to live the lives that they were meant to.

Khanyisa Mgudlwa

Khanyisa Mgudlwa likes to laugh.  At Khulani she is part of the management support team as well as a facilitator working with the Khulani Senior learners. She likes to serve people and she loves kids, that is why it upsets her to see kids in the street during school hours.  She sees young people changing, taking responsibility for their community and the environment.  Her dream is to be the change she wants to see. She also plays an important role in the Transforming Youth programme on Friday evenings.

Louise Fourie

Louise Fourie (Mama L) is Legacy’s managing director.  She is employed by Stellenbosch Congregation since 2001 and started to manage Legacy in 2004.  Her aim is to unravel how grace, love, mercy and justice can become part of the Stellenbosch story.  The grip that the legacy of apartheid still has on Stellenboschupsets her, but the new generation gives her hope for the future.  Her dream for the future is to see how Legacy can play a bigger role in bringing people together. 

Lucinda Makwasa

Lucinda Makawsa facilitates the grade 1, 2 and 3 groups.  Her passion is to give back to her community by supporting kids and helping them with school work.  Crime and children not feeling safe, because they fear that they are going to be robbed upsets her, while the fact that there are people who serve other communities gives her hope for the future.  Her dream is to see a change in our country and to continue to serve and be faithful to the Lord.

Martmarie Cloete

Martmarié Cloete grew up in Pretoria and moved to Stellenbosch in January 2000.  She is married and has two sons.  Martmarié has been involved with Legacy in some or another way since 2001, but her employment journey started in 2011. She is the Operations Manager at Legacy, and is responsible for the administrative support functions and systems that run throughout all the programs and facilities. She is also responsible for the maths programme for grade 4-7. Working at Legacy makes her happy and she feels that she is contributing towards change.  People, not living in Kayamandi, actively pursuing the transformation of Kayamandi gives her hope and she is inspired to see the people of Kayamandi overcome challenges and rise above their circumstances.  Her dream is further her studies in the education field and to learn to speak isiXhosa.  She is an admirer of all things equestrian and owning her own riding horse or two is something she dreams of regularly.

Miemie Belebesi

Miemie Belebesi, born in Herschel in the Eastern Cape, is very passionate about netball. At Legacy she is part of a team that works with the Siyakhula kids (Grade 1 to 3). She did early childhood development at Boland College and works in a crèche during the mornings. Her dream is to have her own netball team so that she can keep teenage girls off the streets.


Msindisi Sogayise is one of five brothers and live in Thubelitsha, Kayamandi in a brick house.  His mother is currently living in the Eastern Cape. The dilapidated township of Kayamandi has made him see life “with a different eye”. It constantly reminds him of how difficult his own childhood was, but also how determined he is to have a better life. He believes that God is challenging lives to move from insignificance to something valuable, that He is using ordinary people to transform lives. He works with the primary school kids, the under 15 soccer team as well as the high school programme.

Ncumisa Siko

Ncumisa Siko, born and raised in ‘the promised land of the Eastern Cape’ loves poetry, novels and photography.  She also takes part in extreme sport, currently focussing on mountain biking.  At Khulani she facilitates what happens in the computer room – Reading Eggs (literacy) and Greenshoots (numeracy) and manages the Career Club for grade 10. She also mentors the grade 6 and 7 girls on a Friday.  Ncumisa works at Legacy because she sees it as a way that she can give back to her community.  Her hope for Kayamandi is based on the fact that more and more people notice that life without further education is ‘suicide’.  Her dream is to open her own photography and design studio, but for now, she just wants to educate as many people as she can and inspire them to be better people. 

Nobanzi Booi

Nobanzi Booi cleans the Legacy Centre and prepares lunch for the Khulani kids on a daily basis.  She names crime and criminals her main challenge and hopes that Stellenbosch will one day be one in spirit. She is also glad to see more and more children from her area attend colleges and university. Her dream is to retire by 2020 and to have her own house.


Ronald Muzanenhamo was born in Zimbabwe in 1988. Both his parents passed on when he was young. He loves watching different kinds of sport and also to read novels. His hope is to see teenagers growing up in a God-fearing environment and his most important wish or dream is to see them achieving their goals. He is a facilitator in the Khulani Senior programme and mentors all the high school boys.

Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith (Mama T), a qualified registered nurse, is the wellness manager at Legacy and she also manages the Khulani Senior programme.  She has been involved at Legacy for almost 10 years because it is important to her to help those who are in need and to empower people by sharing her knowledge and skills.  She sees it as a privilege to work in a dynamic and changing environment.  She admires the resilience of Kayamandi’s people and sees potential in the youth, especially if they can move from entitlement to accountability.  Her dream for the future is that Kayamandi will become a real multicultural suburb of Stellenbosch with good schools, a vibrant business sector, recreational facilities and housing for all. 


Xolile Mtekeli, originally from Willowvale in the Eastern Cape, is Legacy’s groundsman.  He is responsible for the garden and general maintenance of the Legacy Centre.  He loves working at Legacy because of the skills he acquires and because he feels part of an effort to build the community.  His dream for the future is to help people who are suffering and to have a house, wife and kids that he will be able to provide for.

Yamkela Nqevu

Yamkela Nqevu, originally from Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape, is responsible for the Khulani sport programme, including a gross motor programme called Healthnutz.  He is also a mentor for the grade 4 group.  Yamkela admits that at first he just worked for money, but as time went by he started to love working with children.  It upsets him that Stellenbosch is such a divided town, but the fact that he made friends across the divide gives him hope.

Zandile Ntoyanto

Zandile Ntoyanto was born in Matatiele, has three kids and is a strong, responsible single parent. She is a facilitator working with children from Grade 4 to 7 and mentors the grade 5 group.  She is also part of the management of the uVuyo Crafts programme.  Zandile does not like to see kids who are involved in drugs and who end up dropping from school, the high crime rate and burglaries, but the involvement of NPO’s who bring a big change to her community makes her happy.  Her dream is to start a NPO in Matatiele and ‘plant’ what she has learned in Stellenbosch.