When people suffer too much, they do not have the energy to help each other.
— Benaja, a refugee from Berundi

uVuyo means joy. Hope brings joy.

The programme aims to empower and train unemployed women in various handwork, crafting and life skills to become more socially and economically sustainable and independent.

As a result of the past few years of training and development the women at uVuyo are now producing unique handmade products of high quality. Some of these products have recently been selected to be sold at some of our top local markets. uVuyo operates from the Legacy Centre in Kayamandi and can be visited by appointment on Tuesday mornings.


Our products are made from the finest locally sourced material. 

Protea cushion cover

Goggie soft cotton toy

Shweshwe pot holder

Make up bag

Protea cushion cover

Shweshwe Piet Grobler cushion cover

Cotton baby beanie

Shweshwe hope cushion cover

Goggie soft cotton toy

Small purse