During the afternoons, the Legacy Centre is transformed into an afterschool centre for more than 180 learners between Grade 1 and 12. The Khulani Kayamandi afterschool programme is based on the premise that the building of an accountable generation, that will take responsibility for their own future, is the best way to bring real change and hope to the community. 


Khulani is an isiXhosa word that means ‘to grow and prosper’. The programme started out with a small group of kids who came together to sing and dance, but soon started to address the children’s real needs.  Currently we work towards real transformation through a focus on sport, health, numeracy, literacy and homework in a loving and caring environment.  Khulani has space for 180 learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12.  The programme is executed by the Khulani Team as well as volunteers.

once upon a time in kayamandi

A short playful video that was produced in 2008 by A Blind Spot Productions in the beginning of the Khulani Kayamandi programme.  The programme has since doubled in numbers and effort.  Thank you to all our sponsors for making this possible.

Khulani Kayamandi consists of the following groups:


The main aim with this group (gr 1-3) is to make sure that their foundation is well established in terms of their perceptual development, gross and fine motor skills, numeracy and literacy. 

Their programme consists of:

  • Healthnutz – a gross motor programme (via the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation)

  • Fine motor skills

  • Literacy – English and isiXhosa

  • Stories

  • Health and emotions

  • Afrikaans literacy for the kids who attend schools where Afrikaans is one of their subjects (via the Vriende van Afrikaans)

  • Mentor groups with a focus on building relationships and the formation of a peer group

  • Culture on Fridays – singing, dancing and drama


The main aim with this group is to have fun, learn something new and to make sure that they are well established with their peers.

Their programme consists of:

  • Sport on the Saracens Field of Dreams 1 and 2

  • Khulani Clever Kids that focuses on literacy, computer literacy and the world of work in a fun way (thanks to Freely Give)

  • Health programme (via Health Promotiers SA and an emotional intelligence programme

  • A spiritual programme called Ndiyathandwa (“I am loved”)

  • Maths based on activities, games and fun

  • Maths on computers (via Green Shoots)

  • Space to do homework

  • Mentor groups with a focus on building relationships and the formation of a peer group


Apart from a focus on school work, special attention is given to teenage related issues.  Once a learner is part of this group better discipline and behaviour is expected.

Their programme consists of:

  • Career development (via CareerPrep

  • IT training (thanks to Reutech)

  • Study buddy – homework with volunteers

  • Clubs – including sport and culture


This is a leadership programme for a selected small group of learners who came through the Khulani ranks.  They are part of this in the second half of Grade 10 and first half of Grade 11.  

Their programme consists of:

  • “Paying it back” – assist 2 periods per week in the Grade 2 – 6 classes. This provides Khulani with extra capacity

  • Being mentored by members of management

  • A special focus on school work. They have a study room, computers and support from Stellenbosch University students

  • Help with career development

  • They are exposed to a world outside Kayamandi through a camp and outings


This programme is designed to help grade 12 learners to know where they were, where they are and where they want to go.  A special focus is placed on career guidance and after school homework support.  It also extends to support this group after their matric year.

Their programme consists of:

  • Help with career development from a professional Educational Psychologist, Amanda van der Vyver - www.careerprep.co.za

  • A special focus on school work. They have a study room, computers and support from Stellenbosch University students.  The study room will also give them the opportunity to study in quiet until 21:30 at night.

  • One on one conversations with specialists in various fields of study.

  • Exposure to student life through specific outings to different institutions.

  • A few fun team building outings throughout the year

  • Support with applications to colleges and universities.

  • Contact with the students to support them to make their tertiary experience as easy as possible.