'Ikhaya Lempilo' is a Xhosa word that means 'house of wellness'.

The Ikhaya Lempilo programme started in 2008 when the need for a 24 hour facility for HIV/Aids patients was identified.  An eight bed house was built and for a period of five years a much needed service was delivered to the broader community. (watch this video and remember those days).  At the end of 2013 the world of HIV/Aids however changed to such an extent that it was decided to alter the programme and use the space to make a difference in terms of broader wellness, especially by addressing the root causes of HIV/Aids in a holistic manner. 

The registered nurse (Tracey Smith), who managed Ikhaya Lempilo since 2008, is now managing the wellness programme.  The knowledge, skill, equipment and Legacy’s access to a network of other organisations are made available to the community. A pastoral counsellor (Susan van der Spuy), who uses her skills (including play therapy) to the advantage of the staff and the children, is also a member of the ‘Wellness Team’.

This programme also focuses on the ‘Khulani Senior’ group, specifically during the "emotional intelligence" and "health" periods.