'Siseko' is a Xhosa word that means 'foundation'. 

The goal of the Siseko programme is to make sure that what happens at Legacy also have an impact outside the fences of the centre.  Legacy’s knowledge, skills, resources and access to networks are made available to the broader community.

This programme covers the following:

  • Once a week the Khulani Team reaches out to the community with the purpose to serve, but also to understand what the real challenges of the community are.
  • The staff members who are trained in the Healthnutz gross motor programme host a class for the Grade 1 and 2 kids of other organisations.
  • During the evenings the Legacy Hall is made available to Grade 12 learners and students to study.  This is called the Study Club.
  • During the mornings space at the Legacy Centre is also made available to other organisations.  Hospice, Department of Social Development, Lokxion Sport Foundation en VisionAfrika already make use of this opportunity.

Contact Tracey at tracey@legacykayamandi.org if you want to get involved